What do we do?

ALBOR IBERIA was established in Spain in 2019 as a reinsurance brokerage specialized in contracts and facultative reinsurance. We are specialized in risks that are located in the Latin American region, however we work in a global spectrum. Some of our relevant services include: Advice and design of reinsurance programs, Our Connections, network and exploration of the different global reinsurance markets and our ability to adapt to respond effectively to changes in customer demand or economic changes in the country that is find.

Our approach is focused on working closely with our client, providing a personalized experience for each case and carefully analyzing the characteristics of the business to give the most appropriate solution.


Offer specialized advisory and placement services for optional Reinsurance, Reinsurance contracts and risk management consulting, aimed at clients in the Latin American market.


To be one of the references in risk mediation at an international level, uniting the Latin American market with the global insurance business structures, with a reputation that generates total confidence for both insurers and reinsurers.

Our Services